I'm already supporting TwoSeven on Patreon/Ko-Fi but don't have access to my patron privileges, why?

This is because you're using an email ID on Patreon/Ki-Fi that's different from your TwoSeven account email ID.
Use the "Already supporting us?" button on the TwoSeven page footer to enter your Patreon/Ko-Fi email ID so your accounts can be linked in our databases.

I'm a Social Distancer tier patron, but the extension is telling me that I need to be a Tier-2 patron for access. I thought I get all privileges for $3?

The extension may take upto 12 hours to update.
To force an immediate update, logout and log back into the extension, and refresh the Hulu/Disney+ page.

Alternately, you can access Hulu or Disney+ from any TwoSeven room - just navigate and play a video to directly load it for everyone in the room.
Hulu and Disney+ tabs are available above the video in regular mode, and in the hamburger menu to the left on theatre mode.
If you need further assistance, reach out to us.

Having trouble with YouTube playback, how can I get this to work?

We're noticing that Adblock extensions on Chrome are breaking the playback of YouTube when YouTube videos are embedded.
Pause/disable any adblock, adblock plus or ublock extensions that you might have and refresh to try again.

Can't login to Netflix, Hulu or Disney+?

Our Firefox extension has been updated to fix this. Get/update to the latest Firefox extension (v2.1.5.2), login to Netflix/Hulu/Disney+ in a separate tab, and then start your TwoSeven page.
See next question on how to update your extension if you're unsure.

If you want to use Chrome, there's a one-time set up required until our extension changes are available:

  1. Click on the extension icon on your browser (top-right), and ensure that the version number you find at the bottom of the dropdown is v2.1.5 or greater
    • See next question on how to update your extension if you're unsure.
  2. Click on Settings to bring up the Settings page
  3. Find the text-box under the SameSite Cookies
  4. Enter netflix.com or hulu.com or disneyplus.com, then click Add Domain
  5. Navigate to Netflix/Hulu/Disney+ in a separate tab, logout and log back in (on Netflix, also select the profile you want to use)
  6. Refresh your TwoSeven page to have it working

For more information, you can read our blog post.

How can I update my extension to the latest version?

You can update it by visiting in a new tab and updating extensions from there.
On Firefox, click on the gear icon near Manage Your Extensions, and select "Check for updates".
On Chrome, click on the "Update" button on the bar on top.

Cannot login to extension on Firefox?

This is an issue on Firefox to do with Google/Facebook logins.
To overcome this, you can create a TwoSeven account with the same email ID as google/facebook using the username password option to keep all your friends and patron privileges intact.
If you want to use a different email ID, reach out to us and we can help you link your patron privileges, but all your connections with others will be reset in this new account.

Does TwoSeven work on mobile/iPad?

Is the Safari browser supported?

TwoSeven requires you to have our Firefox/Chrome browser extension for most features.
Since browsers on handheld devices do not provide support for installing extensions, you will not be able to use most features on a mobile/iPad.
Firefox on Android devices is an exception to this restriction.
However, TwoSeven is optimized for use on Desktop/Laptop with a Firefox/Chrome browser.

Can I use twoseven.xyz to view Netflix/Amazon/HBO/Hulu/Disney+/any paid content with a friend who does not have an account?


My friend is not able to see my screen, why?


Why is my friend being asked to login to Netflix/Amazon/Hulu, etc.?

TwoSeven is a video synchronization service, and each participant needs to have direct access to the video to leverage twoseven.xyz's sync features.
If the content provider allows multiple, simultaneous users or profiles on the same account, then you can certainly use the same account on twoseven.xyz as well.

This also applies to rented or purchased Amazon/YouTube/etc. movies.
You will all need to have access to the movie through your own accounts or you can share the account if the service provider allows it.

My friend and I are in different countries and don't have access to the same content.
Can I use twoseven.xyz to bypass regional, or geo-restrictions?

No. Since twoseven.xyz only embeds the content provider (Netflix, etc) and does not proxy it, your device is still directly communicating with the content provider directly.
Thus, all regional restrictions continue to be in effect.
As a workaround, you may be able to use a VPN.

I get an error on Netflix saying Netflix can't connect.

Just open Netflix in a new tab and press ctrl+f5. After that refresh TwoSeven tab and use Netflix.

How can I watch Hulu or Disney+ on TwoSeven?

Ability to watch Hulu and Disney+ on TwoSeven are currently patron-only features.
If you're already supporting us through Patreon/Ko-Fi but don't have access to Hulu/Disney+, please try updating your email using the "Already supporting us?" button on the footer on TwoSeven, or reach out to us through any of our channels.

Does everyone have to be a patron for patron benefits?

It depends. Patron benefits such as ability to watch Hulu/Disney+ on TwoSeven and instant reactions apply to everyone in a room as long as any one participant is a patron.
Benefits such as edit/delete chat messages are available to patrons only.

How do I use the extension?

Once the extension is installed, click on the twoseven extension button in your browser's toolbar and log in. After logging in, simply navigate to a website containing the video you wish to watch together. If the video is in a format that twoseven supports, the extension will display a notification stating that it detected videos. Select the video you wish to watch and click on the 'Watch on TwoSeven' button to start watching together.

If you already have a room open in another tab, the extension will load the video in that tab. If you have multiple rooms open, the extension will load the video in the last active room (the last TwoSeven tab that you were on). If no TwoSeven rooms were found, it will create a new tab with twoseven.xyz and load the video in that tab.

How do I watch videos from http websites?

Although twoseven.xyz is a HTTPS-secured website, the extension will continue to detect and allow you to watch videos from non-HTTPS websites. However, when you try to load the video on twoseven.xyz, you may run into an error that states that you cannot load HTTP content on HTTPS websites.
You can temporarily allow TwoSeven to load HTTP videos by clicking on the shield icon on the address bar. After clicking the shield icon, allow the page to load unsafe scripts. This will allow twoseven to load HTTP content and enable you to watch them together. Simple close the tab to stop twoseven from being able to load unsafe content.

Shield Icon

Subtitles do not load

Twoseven does not load subs from most sites.
They must be found and loaded from an external source like opensubtitles.com. You can upload by using the settings gear icon on the video.
Each participant must then hit the CC button to turn them on for themselves.

Issues with personal videos

Supported formats are mp4/webm.
Note that mp4 and webm are simply containers. The underlying video/audio formats have to be browser compatible.
As a quick test, just drag the video onto a browser to see if it plays. It it plays in your browser, it should mostly play on TwoSeven as well.
Alternately, you can use Google Drive/One Drive to host your personal videos. (See answer below)

How to play personal videos from Google Drive or One Drive?

Upload the video to your drive.
Share the video (share -> advanced -> change access level to anyone with the link).
Then, simply double click the video to bring up the play window and the TwoSeven browser extension will find it.

Does twoseven.xyz have access to my webcam video/audio?

No. Normally, webcam streams are peer-to-peer(P2P) and are sent and received between participants in a room. Our servers only provide a signalling channel through which actions such as enabling/disabling audio/video are performed.
If participants are on restrictive networks such as a university network, then TwoSeven enables streaming webcam through its servers. However, we do not store any of these streams.

Will twoseven.xyz have access to my Netflix/Amazon/HBO account?

No. Under no circumstance does twoseven.xyz have access to your accounts.
The authentication is done entirely by the content provider and we have no visibility into this.
After successful authentication, our servers only receive the minimum information required to allow us to sync video playback.
This is limited to actions on the video and the video controls.

How many participants can I invite to a room?

We've successfully tested upto 400 participants in a single room. We might even be able to handle more.
However, if you're using webcam and audio, these connections are peer-to-peer, which means you'll be making as many connections as the number of people in the room.
Success then startes to rely heavily on your network, browser, and machine capabilities - the limit can sometimes even be as low as 2-3 participants per room.

YouTube subtitles won't turn off

The YouTube player has a CC button on it. Try this first.
If that doesn't work, there is a setting in the extension to try to turn off youtube subtitles.
If everything fails, then open the console (F12) and enter
There are extensions that can conflict, as well.

How do I watch my Amazon video in fullscreen?

In case the usual fullscreen button is not present, you can always go fullscreen by pressing F on the keyboard. This will bring up a popup through which you can go fullscreen.

What is an extension and why do I need it?

Browser extensions, as the name suggests, enhance the capabilities of the web browser. The TwoSeven extension enables the browser to embed other websites (like Netflix) within twoseven.xyz.
Once embedded, the extension enables us to handle media playback synchronization on those websites for you.

How do I download the extension?

You can download the extension here

What are the terms of use?

Here are our Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy. We strongly recommend that you go through both documents.

I forgot my password

First, did you log in using Google-login or Facebook-login previously? If yes, then due to security reasons, you will not receive a password-reset email even if you trigger one.
If you previously logged in using the username(email)-password option, then click the "Don't remember your password?" option on the login box to begin the reset password process.

How do I delete my account?

On a desktop, once you're logged in, hover over your avatar on the top-right. Head to the Account option -> Delete Account.