Does have access to my webcam video/audio?

No. The webcam streams are peer-to-peer(P2P) and are sent and received between users in a room. Our servers only provide a signalling channel through which actions such as enabling/disabling audio/video are performed.

What is an extension and why do I need it?

Browser extensions, as the name suggests, enhance the capabilities of the web browser. The TwoSeven extension enables the browser to embed other websites (like Netflix) within Once embedded, the extension enables us to handle media playback synchronization on those websites for you.

Will have access to my Netflix/Amazon/HBO account?

No. Under no circumstance does have access to your accounts. The authentication is done entirely by the content provider and we have no visibility into this. After successful authentication, our servers only receive the minimum information required to allow us to sync video playback. This is limited to actions on the video and the video controls.

Can I use to view Netflix/Amazon/HBO content with a friend who does not have a Netflix/Amazon/HBO account?

No. Each participant needs to be logged in to leverage's sync features. If the content provider allows multiple, simultaneous users on the same account, then you can certainly use the same account on as well.

How do I watch my Amazon video in fullscreen?

In case the usual fullscreen button is not present, you can always go fullscreen by pressing F on the keyboard. This will bring up a popup through which you can go fullscreen.

Can I use to bypass regional, or geo-restrictions?

No. Since only embeds the content provider (Netflix, etc) and does not proxy it, your device is still directly communicating with the content provider directly. Thus, all regional restrictions continue to be in effect.

What are the terms of use?

Here are our Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy. We strongly recommend that you go through both documents.

How do I use the extension?

Once the extension is installed, click on the twoseven extension button in your browser's toolbar and log in. After logging in, simply navigate to a website containing the video you wish to watch together. If the video is in a format that twoseven supports, the extension will display a notification stating that it detected videos. Select the video you wish to watch and click on the 'Watch on TwoSeven' button to start watching together.

If you already have a room open in another tab, the extension will load the video in that tab. If you have multiple rooms open, the extension will load the video in the last active room (the last TwoSeven tab that you were on). If no TwoSeven rooms were found, it will create a new tab with and load the video in that tab.

How do I watch videos from http websites?

Although is a HTTPS-secured website, the extension will continue to detect and allow you to watch videos from non-HTTPS websites. However, when you try to load the video on, you may run into an error that states that you cannot load HTTP content on HTTPS websites.
You can temporarily allow TwoSeven to load HTTP videos by clicking on the shield icon on the address bar. After clicking the shield icon, allow the page to load unsafe scripts. This will allow twoseven to load HTTP content and enable you to watch them together. Simple close the tab to stop twoseven from being able to load unsafe content.

Shield Icon

I'm sold. How do I download the extension?

You can download the extension here